For items which are exchanged to use special gachas see Gacha Related Items

In Schoolgirl Strikers there are many different currencies.

Currencies Edit

Name Use How to Obtain

Stella Coins Edit

File:Stella Coin.jpg
These coins are used to draw at the premium gachas, the normal gachas and to buy potions.
  • They can only be obtained by purchasing with real money.

Access Points Edit

File:Access Points.jpg
These points are used to draw at the Normal Accessory Gacha and the Special Accessory Gacha.
  • Obtained for winning fights in competition mode.
  • Obtained for reaching certain ranks in competition mode.

Gacha Points Edit

File:Gacha Points.jpeg
These points are used to draw at the standard Gacha.
  • Reward for clearing story missions
  • Given by random friend encounters during missions.
  • Daily login reward.

Aubry Orbs Edit

File:Aubry Orbs.jpeg
These orbs are used to draw at the Aubry Gachas.
  • Reward for defeating monsters in the Oburitawa.