Imina Ibuki is a Schoolgirl Striker and a member of Coconut Vega.

Imina Ibuki
Character Data
Name: 居吹イミナ (Ibuki Imina)
Team: Coconut Vega
Birthday: July 4th
Horoscope: Cancer
Blood type: A
Height: 169.8cm
Three sizes: 84/61/81cm
Intelligence: ★★
Fitness: ★★★★
Sensibility: ★★
Constitution: ★★★
CV: Yu Kobayashi


Formerly a legendary delinquent. Imina is often shunned because of her sharp eyes and intimidating body, but she is kind hearted. She secretly loves sweets.

Trivia Edit

  • In the Tecmo Koei's 3D FIghting game, the character Rachel cosplays Imina in the SCHOOLGIRL STRIKERS Mashup Set. For the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game, Rachel can transform her school uniform into a battle outfit (and viceversa) via pressing the Taunt Button or doing a Power Blow attack or a Power Launcher attack.

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