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Schoolgirl Strikers Manga illustrated by Hinasa Momoyama (桃山ひなせ):

There is also the Anthology Channel created by Young Ganga Online (ヤングガンガンコミックス) complete with artwork

Schoolgirl Strikers Art Book made in part by Dengeki Online that talks all about the game including (Characters, World, Weapons, Memoca, clothes, etc)

Schoolgirl Strikers Light Novel (スクールガールストライカーズ Novel Channel) is a book divided in 6 parts (missions) written by Ichiro Sakaki, Heiichi Hikami, Yu Hibiki, Gen Kobayashi and Hinase Momoyama. The Missions are:

  • 1. Satoka
  • 2. Mana
  • 3. Hina
  • 4. Yuumi
  • 5. Io
  • 6. Tsubame

Weiss Schwarz Card PacksEdit


School Girl Strikers Drama CD

School Girl Strikers Original Soundtrack CD


Nendoroid of Satoka Sumihara