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List of past Special Training Events

2015 August Special Training Duration: August 12 11:00 to August 18 23:59

New Costumes

Resort Dress

Hula Dress  (Fukami Hina

Special Training Currency バカンス気分 (Pineapple Drink)
Special Rewards

Fukami Saori SR slayer Memoka (rankings reward)

Kannagi Shiori SR Memoka (score reward)

Special training Access BOX

Pirate Bandanna


Flower Crown

Get Special Training points by participating in competition like normal. The number of Special Training points you recieve will vary depending on the competition class of the opponent. Every few hours a "Rival Phase" starts where if you beat the chosen rival team (highlighted in blue) you will recieve more points than normal. This "Rival Phase" lasts for 30 minutes. During this event you can use the Special training Access BOX which requires Access Points