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Completing Story Missions forms the primary objective of School Girl Strikers. Performing them earns you and your team EXP, Memoka and resources. You should try to steadily progress these missions when not participating in events.


There are several missions for you to progress through, each containing its own story, enemies and rewards. As one progresses further into the story, you will encounter more dangerous monsters, earn better rewards and unravel the mystery of the story.

Beginning a MissionEdit

To begin a mission, first either tap the "Dungeons" button from the homescreen or the Menu.

File:Dungeon button highlight.jpeg

Current Menu Translation

Then tap the Story Mission Tab and press the red button to start/continue with the current mission.

You can also replay completed missions by clicking the yellow button and then choosing the mission you want to play. Be warned, switching to another mission when you have already started one will cause you to lose all progress in this mission.

Objective Edit

The objective of these missions is to explore the whole area and defeat the target monster. In missions where there are multiple targets, you will have to explore the area multiple times. To explore the area you need to tap on one of the members of your team. Doing so will cause them to say something about the situation and increase your progress bar. Once the progress bar reaches 100% you will encounter one of the target monsters. After defeating them, if there are still target monsters remaining you can re-explore the area or if that was the final target monster, you will complete the mission, recieve the rewards and be able to progress on to the next mission.

Be aware that exploring the area and fighting the target monster requires a certain amount of mission stamina depending on the mission.

Encounters Edit

During a mission, as well as the target monster found at the end of the mission, you may encounter both friend and foe.

Mystic MonstersEdit

You may rarely encounter a mystic monster. These monsters are the similar to those encountered during chance zones and events, but are generally weaker. Unlike the target monster, it does not require misson stamina to fight the monster and you may also use a friend to help during the fight. Defeating the monster will reward you with a small amount of memoka points.

Monster Name HP ATK EXP obtained Reward
旧式妖魔・曇天 (Old mystics, cloudy weather) 25000 4250 30 64 Memoka Points 

80 Memoka Points  160 Memoka Points  320 Memoka Points 

Old-fashioned ghost-Ameki 4000
Old-fashioned ghost-Kumogyo 3850
Old-fashioned ghost-turbulence 3650
Old-fashioned ghost-Varuna 3500