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These are the first missions in the game which explain the basic mechanics of missions.


You wake up after being chosen to lead a group of girls from the 'Fifth Force' group from a mysterious voice. After getting to know your team and spending time training, you are summoned to foresee their first true battle. After the battle ends, you notice a nostalgic feeling ring through you. The girls also notice your reaction and tell you that this is because this feeling is something you have gotten used to already - that this was not your first mission with them, but the 5th month in action with the team. Due to unknown reasons, you had completely lost your memory from meeting with them, but they had decided to play along and start from the beginning. They are constantly searching for the reason to why and where it has gone, and to return those precious memories to you. They also let you know that you're actually in the body of a cat, which you were unaware of until now. This is because the real you is unable to travel between parallel universes like the girls are, and you're borrowing the body of a cat instead to be able to skip the boundary.

To begin the search of restoring your memory, they plan to backtrack to the past locations and defeat the Oburi in that area in hopes that your memories will be restored that way.


Misson Name Number of Targets Energy per Search Total Energy Required to clear First Time Clear Reward
Tutorial 1 1 1 6

Melonpan x1

Memoka points x100

Tutorial 2 1 1 9

Diamond x1

Search Elixir x1